Fashionable Bathroom Design Potterhanworth

fashionable bathroom design potterhanworth

We have been providing unbelievable bathrooms and services in the Lincoln and Lincolnshire region since 2001, and we are still going strong. So get your fashionable bathroom design Potterhanworth now!

While we are a small and family run business, we have a huge reputation! This is partially because of our stock. We only pick the best bathroom products ensuring they are both high in functionality, build quality and usability. Being a just family run company is what cements us. We work nicely together and we can bring you the finest in installation, guidance, design and toilet selection.

The ultimate bathroom design by people that care

All of our staff are officially commission free and specialists in their disciplines. This implies that we can ensure you will get trusted guidance from us you may require it. It’s this guidance that means you’ll be getting design and the products that’s exactly appropriate for you. Nonetheless we make a guarantee that this isn’t going to be true.

This implies that we’ve to have on hand a great number of looks and styles for you yourself to pick for you toilet. If you need to see on your own as we’ve many bathroom designs on display in our showroom for your own viewing pleasure pop in store.

Home bathroom business

One of the most important parts of the procedure comprises a professional survey where the work will happen to inspect the current bathroom space. This can be where we will discuss what’s needed of the construct with you and find out from you what it’s just you want. There are also numerous leaflets to browse through showing the related styles of toilet and we may also supply a DVD for you to see to get a better idea of the possibilities.


With the information that you simply provide for us, we draw up a comprehensive strategy for you to look over and can write. From there you can let us know of anything you desire altering or amending. Over the course of the construct and the occupation we shall also be giving regular, detailed updates on the process of the job to you.

The entire of the at home survey will typically take around 30 minutes. There are no other issues involved. You simply give the info to us and we take it and get to work, letting you understand things are getting on after work has commenced.